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Since my main blog is getting kinda messy, I'll be posting my art (JUST my art) in here as well! - NSFW at times -


Hey! So yeah, I decided to open up commissions! (if you’re having trouble reading what’s on the first thing, I strongly suggest opening it on a new tab)

As you can see, I’ll be drawing some pretty simple stuff! Some basic shading and some flat colours here and there. 

  • 15 US dollers for each piece
  • +$4 for each additional character (only up to 2 additional charas)
  • PAYPAL ONLY (ask for email via inbox, then all communication will be via email)

***I WILL DRAW*** 

- OCs

- simple shippy stuff like hand holding/cuddles (take in count that you can ask to have up to 3 ppl in the illustration, so you can go OT3 crazy)

- shirtless people

- softcore gore

- simple objects


- nsfw

- furries

- mecha

- overly complicated objects 

- overly complicated poses 

- Any details should be discussed via email ONLY. 

- Any reference pictures you may have would be incredibly helpful, so please keep that in mind. 

- There will Only be 4 slots open. Please do not insist. 

- Take in mind that I’m not a fast artist. I don’t like rushing stuff so I can provide a satisfactory piece of work in the end. 

- If you’re not sure how paypal works, I strongly suggest you read this

- Feel free to visit my art tag to find more examples. 


- If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me.

Signal boosts are highly appreciated!

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#reblogs are truly appreciated uwu only ONE SLOT LEFT 


ya you prolly already guessed. more twotter stuff

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i got a new sketchbook but didn’t check what type of paper it had before i got home and it was recycled paper and i was like regret at first but then i just got over it and drew all over it

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ive made terrible choices in my life

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